Inspiring Change
and Growth

Facing Your Business Challenges
As a business owner myself for more than 30 years, I’ve faced many challenges. As a coach, I’ve discovered that business owners experience many of the same challenges and don’t know how best to overcome them.

  • Working 70-80 hour a week for years without a vacation
  • Sales slumping to the extent that it felt like starting all over again
  • Unrealistic and unhappy clients
  • Sweating payroll and having to recapitalize the business out of my pocket
  • Staffing up to handle extra business I counted on getting but didn’t
  • Dealing with hiring, training, firing and layoff issues
  • Wasting money on programs or equipment
  • Confronting employees leaving to become competitors
  • Having to sue clients in order to get paid
  • Market changes that left me wondering why I’m even in business

  • Many business owners don’t have someone they feel that they can trust with their inner most struggles. My one-on-one coaching services are designed to provide you with the support structure you need to move beyond your comfort zone and face your challenges. Coaching can help you become focused, energized, balanced and resourceful while creating the personal and professional results you really want.

    Achieving Fulfillment and Balance
    Financial success is a goal for many individuals. Achieving it can make you feel like you’ve reached the top; that life couldn’t be any better. But many of us are still left feeling unfulfilled. Often times, it is because we’ve neglected other important areas of our lives and have discovered how difficult it can be to balance work and family. Some are unhappy with their role in the company. Others experience disappointment and lack of motivation or direction.

    Coaching is all about fulfillment and balance. Attaining fulfillment, greater balance and happiness require a different thought process than if you just want to earn lots of money. Coaching can help you to realize a life that is more amazing than what it appears to be right now.

    Supporting Your Success
    The Owners Coach supports successful business owners, partners, and leaders of medium-sized companies not only to increase business profits, but to re-energize their passion for their work, help them understand what’s important to them, and achieve new visions and goals. My comprehensive coaching program provides the tools, framework and inspiration needed to transform business owners’ lives — both professionally and personally.